With My Eyes

Project to change “hard to see” to “visible” for 250 million low-vision people worldwide


In cooperation with supporting companies, we at QD Laser are working to enrich the lives of people with low vision by providing them with the “experience of seeing”.

The expression on the face of the person you are conversing with, the beauty of nature in all its grandeur, letters are seen in the distance… the world that was previously vaguely “difficult to see” is now clearly “ visible”. This is the moment when the “Magical Moment” is captured, and these documentary movies have been released.

With My Eyes #1
Providing positive value to people who live in a world
where it is difficult to see

With the camera-type device “RETISSA NEOVIEWER*1” that uses our laser retinal projection technology, we carried out a project in which low-vision people tried to take photos with their eyes.

In the process of supporting people with low vision, we realized that people with low vision do not necessarily see their own situation as a negative one and are leading their lives positively. Therefore, based on the concept of providing positive value to people’s lives rather than reducing negative value to zero, we set our sights on realizing a world where people with low vision can take photographs with their own eyes, and decided to implement this project. Five people with low vision who can apply the laser retinal projection technology participated in the project, and with the “RETISSA NEOVIEWER” in their hands, they carried out a short trip for photography. This video captures the scene.

With My Eyes #2
Let’s go see the world you couldn’t see

In the second installment of “With My Eyes,” three low-vision para-athletes boarded a plane and used the “RETISSA NEOVIEWER” to take photos from the sky with their own eyes. The video captures the excitement of seeing the scenery from above through the lens for the first time.

What kind of world would they see from the sky if they couldn’t see?

With My Eyes #3
Seeing and Living

The star of the third installment is para-swimmer Shimizu. He goes out from the familiar world of the pool to the vast, limitless world of the ocean. Using the “RETISSA NEOVIEWER”, he felt something new by being able to see. How did he see the coral reefs and fish with his own eyes when he went out into the sea in a sea kayak? This film encourages us with his brilliant smile and determination for the future.

With My Eyes
Visions Captured: Sight Without Borders

In ‘Visions Captured: Sight Without Borders’, we embark on an evocative journey through the eyes of visually impaired individuals, empowered by revolutionary camera technology. Originating from the innovative technologies of Japan, and now transcending borders to reach the vast landscapes of the USA, this documentary offers an intimate glimpse into their world, both challenging and enlightening. Through their lenses, we witness not only the struggles they face daily but also the profound moments of joy and discovery that the new technology brings. This poignant narrative serves as a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the endless possibilities when boundaries are transcended.

Supporting companies

Supporting companies

*1 The name has been changed to RETISSA NEOVIEWER from the previous name RETISSA SUPER CAPTURE.